Kierstin Hatt
Consulting Sociologist
Associate Professor of Sociology


I’m Kierstin Hatt. I’m a sociology professor with a background in food systems and relations of power. I was drafted as a parent into the world of autism in the early 2000s. Since then, I have extended my academic training into the clinical realm. I have completed a range of clincial certifications and training, engaged participatory action research towards supporting families and clinicians to overcome barriers to accessing services, and provided direct intervention for families with children on the autism spectrum. I have worked with many clinicians and academics as colleagues, and also by providing intervention program planning and service coordination. I have been a formal advocate for my children and for many other families to extend the range of services and supports available, reflecting the breadth of research and clinical evidence.

I continue to examine the ways in which knowledge systems operate in a context of power relations, at the expense of many. The ongoing goal is to work towards achieving a society that recognizes and supports the breadth of human diversity and complexity to achieve happiness, wellness, quality of life and social justice. This work has extended from Alberta, to BC, to Ontario, to California, to Scotland and beyond.

Academic Degrees

Clinical certification, training and primary expertise

Appeal Wins against the Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) Program, Alberta Dept. of Children’s Services, Canada